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For over 35 years, Radio Electric Supply has supplied the world with electron tubes for every application.  We still offer the worlds greatest selection, unparalleled service and integrity unmatched anywhere.

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We are currently having transmission difficulties with both the credit card and Paypal links. If you try to submit your order and you receive a "fatal error" message, don't worry, it's not you its an internal programming error. If this happens please call us toll free at 800-326-4140 or email us at orders@vacuumtubes.net and we will take your order.      We apologize for this inconvenience but we are working to correct this as soon as possible.


Every tube is hand tested before it is shipped to the customer.

We guarantee every tube we sell for thirty days except for breakage, open filaments or operation outside manufacturer's specifications.

For over 35 years our customers throughout the world have looked to us for performance, support, and integrity.

At Radio Electric Supply, you can expect service, prompt delivery, and great customer support every day.